Mary Katrantzou x Adidas Originals


After the recent successful print parade collaboration between Farm and Adidas, and the collaboration with Rita Ora set to be released in August, it’s clear that print and Adidas are on a roll. Now in another exciting collaboration, the queen of print and one of my favourite designers, Mary Katrantzou, is set to release her new range for Adidas Originals in November 2014.

Katrantzou, a Greek designer working in London, is best known for her designs consisting of geometric kaleidoscopic style print on well constructed fabrics and shapely silhouettes. With a background focus on textile design and print, it’s no wonder she’s making a huge mark on global fashion, especially at a time where print is currently boss. In an interview on her site, Katrantzou says that her everyday work is so niche and luxury, and because of this she’s excited to be able to translate her work into a product that a wider audience can enjoy through the Adidas collaboration.

Save the date for possibly one of the most kingpin Adidas collaborations yet!

For more on her thoughts about the collaboration, read Katrantzou’s interview here.

All images are from Katrantzou’s Resort 2014 range

mary-katrantzou-resort-2014-5 (1) mary-katrantzou-resort-2014-6 mary-katrantzou-resort-2014-17 mary-katrantzou-resort-2014-21





Focus On:: Wedge Sneakers

I’m not going to lie, I started off as a sceptic, but seeing my friend trying on and buying 2 pairs of stylish Adidas sneaker wedges on the weekend has converted me.

Combine your comfiest sneaker with the platform of a wedge heel and you have the perfect going out shoe to finish off any outfit that deserves a bit of street cred. It also really appeals to the Capetonian in me, as I don’t always feel like wearing heels but still want that extra height and shape. I’m assured that they’re comfy which is a bonus. I’m loving the stylish sneaker boot combos in subtle muted tones that add a more dressy style to this trend. Shape is also an important factor, with the streamlined lace up sneaker boot for a dressier option and the wedge sneakers with chunky bits and big velcro straps being the sportier streetwear option. Worn with skinny jeans, leggings or even shorts and skirts, these shoes will add an x factor to your outfit. Below are a few of the best that I’ve seen so far.


Adidas Basket Profi hidden wedge sneaker


Nike Dunk Sky Hi wedge sneaker


Ash Bowie wedge trainers


Chloe wedge sneaker

Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers for H&M


Guiseppe Zanotti suede high top wedges




When I was at school, sport was just something we did. It wasn’t particularly trendy but more like you got some extra cred or popularity the better you were. These days sport has become a lifestyle that coincides with fashion. Two of my favourite designers, Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto (Y3), have collaborated with Adidas over the past years as we see more high end designers including sport designs and functionality into their ranges. This has resulted in Stella McCartney’s own branded custom paddleboard created for the Adidas range.  With the rise of lifestyle sports Nike has also brought out yoga and pilates mats in fashionable luminous, pastel and muted shades, and with sustainability being encouraged Prana have brought out their E.C.O. yoga mats that are recyclable and toxic free in their manufacturing process. On the shoe side I recently bought myself a pair of Nike Air Pegasus +30 running shoes as I couldn’t resist the beautiful grey, white and luminous coral colouration combined with the cushy design. So for all those people out there who are looking for that excuse to be sporty, it’s your time to shine.

Moodboard (clockwise): Stella McCartney for Adidas activewear, Prana E.C.O. yoga mat, Nike Air Pegasus +30 running shoe, Stella McCartney for Adidas paddle board range, Nike Performance Graphic 5mm yoga mat.


Stella McCartney paddle board range


Nike Air Pegasus +30 running shoe


Y3_SS13_041 Y3_SS13_071

Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas Y3 SS’13 campaigns