The Streets :: 90s Style

With the streets as our backdrop, and the 90s as our inspiration, so began another inspiring project. Shot by Sven Kristian, he added his eye of artistry into the equation by choosing textured backdrops and cascading skylines to give the shoot the right balance of street style tonality and lighting that it deserved. Gina Gilpin, our amazing model from Boss, had the perfect effortless edge and vibrancy to channel the mood and era. Natalie Kitshoff offset natural makeup with spritzed hair to add the right balance to this “out of the gym and onto the streets” look.

After recently starting a clothing label of my own, D|coy street and thrift, my styling was focused on taking retro inspired activewear and streetwear and mixing them up with seasonal trends like tartan, print on print, navy and vintage denim pieces.

Voila! …

_MG_9898 copy crop top & skirt :: D|coy street & thrift, vintage denim jacket, sunglasses :: Mr Price, cap :: stylist’s own.

_MG_0145 copypeak :: Hater @ Stay True, hoodie :: Country Road, bralet :: Topshop, ski pants :: Mr Price Sport, socks & sneaker wedges :: Adidas Originals, glove :: D|coy street & thrift_MG_9830 copytop & bralet :: Topshop, skirt :: Woolworths, vintage denim shirt_MG_9822 copytop & bralet :: Topshop, skirt :: Woolworths, vintage denim shirt, boots :: Topshop_MG_0071 copycropped sweatshirt :: Zara, tog bag :: Country Road, stone washed jeans :: Mr Price, vintage high waisted shorts._MG_9635 copypeak :: Hater @ Stay True, hoodie :: Country Road, bralet :: Topshop, vintage high waisted jeans _MG_9716 copytartan poncho :: D|coy street & thrift, vintage shades._MG_0005 copybeanie :: Topshop, polka dot crop top :: D|coy street & thrift, vintage denim dungarees._MG_9754 copyvintage shades, hoodie :: Country Road, tartan poncho :: D|coy street & thrift, vintage jeans.

New Louis Vuitton Campaign Shot in Cape Town!

It’s amazing being able to view an international Louis Vuitton campaign that’s been shot in Cape Town. But the reason I’m smiling is because I got the opportunity to work on it. As one of the styling assistants on this shoot I found myself on beautiful safari locations a stone’s throw from Cape Town. I had the job of unpacking the beautifully sequinned and feathered catwalk pieces and iconic Monogram trunks before the international team arrived, savouring the opportunity to be up close with these Louis Vuitton crafted creations. Being on the same set as photographer Peter Lindbergh and models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell was a major career highlight. Karen Elson was in the first Vogue I ever bought over a decade and a half ago and has been one of the true iconic supermodels. This campaign would however not be what it is without the natural wildlife and surrounds of Africa from the Atlantis dunes to Stellenbosch. Featuring lion cubs, giraffes and cheetahs,  the “Spirit of Travel” was definitely captured in this unforgettable Spring Summer 2014 campaign.


800x1036xlouis-vuitton-peter-lindbergh3.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Oqi_VPotw8DEI 220x285 TM-L1 FR_Alouis-vuitton-spirit-of-travel-campaign-001The-Spirit-of-Travel-campaign-Louis-Vuitton-3-600x350 vuitton-campaign-rgb01 vuitton-campaign-rgb02

New Shoot :: Culture Clash


A few months ago I took a trip to Thailand and Vietnam with some friends. South East Asia was fascinating and I was overwhelmed by amazing new sights, sounds, culture and fashion. From the Vietnamese conical  hats to the pollution face masks, the romanticized east earned a place in my heart. I was also fascinated by how elegantly the working class women carrying heavy basket loads would dress in top to toe print and look so graceful while doing hard labour. Bangkok teens wearing high end labels would pair up their western inspired outfits with pollution face masks whilst walking through glitzy Bangkok shopping malls, showing how they’d adapted certain cultural and environmental trends into fashion trends. The melting pot of eastern inspired fashion meeting western globalized trends was a big inspiration for me and I loved the spin on trends that was a result of the mashing of cultures.

Fast forward three months and I’m back in Cape Town at Wembley Studios on a cold and windy Saturday morning. Lesca Steyn is setting up her lights and Charmaine De Kock is busy setting out her make up. Our gorgeous model, Alien, is coincidentally Thai and telling me how she got the nickname Alien from her friends at school years back, because of her elongated proportions.  I had seen her that past weekend  walking the catwalks of Cape Town Fashion Week whilst thinking how lucky we were to land the tallest Thai girl I’ve seen yet, who looked like a hybrid of Bjork’s features and Alek Wek’s proportions. She is amazingly unique.

Our visions seemed aligned. Lesca shot amazing images with her sculpted lighting and tuned eye and Charmaine transformed gorgeous Alien from one amazing look to another with hair and makeup changes. And kudos to our gorgeous model, Alien. She worked like magic. It felt like everything had come full circle, from South East Asia back to our home town. Playing on the black and white graphic trend mixed with east meets west, we clashed patterned backdrops with graphic styling. The result? Culture Clash.

Scroll down to view the whole shoot.



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