White Out

White on white is possibly this summer’s chicest step into minimalism. Top to toe dressing in minimal whites with bold shape demands no half measures. Adding in a mirror silver sandal or accessory adds a bit of shine into the equation whilst still maximizing the all white palate. Play with sheer chiffons on top of textured fabrics and crisp shapes.  Here are some of this season’s favourites.


adriana-interview-1 Adriana Lima, Interview, April 2014 opening-ceremony-2014-fall-winter-classic-high-top-sneakers-1 Opening Ceremony white high topswitchery-spring-2014-1

Witchery Spring 2014

thierry-mugler-2015-resort-cruise-pre-spring-womens-fashion-grosgrain-straps-d-rings-cinch-waist-zigzag-white-handkerchief-hem-wrap-vest-palazzo-pants-04x thierry-mugler-2015-resort-cruise-pre-spring-womens-fashion-grosgrain-straps-d-rings-cinch-waist-zigzag-white-handkerchief-hem-wrap-vest-palazzo-pants-10x

Mugler Resort 2015juunJuun J for Adidas

38249_193740_101880 Harriet sandals, Country Road    tumblr_mysya7AVOa1r7041wo1_1280 http://solid-blanc.tumblr.com/post/85236439135tumblr_ndohdcg2Fs1tegnxvo1_1280http://solid-blanc.tumblr.com/post/101709868529/61cy-the-growing-f-w-2014



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