Festival Essentials


The party season is upon us. After Rocking the Daisies I realised that by having a few essentials on you you can save yourself from having a crap time. Your accessories can literally save you, here’s why:

A moonbag: One of these will allow you to have a great time with your hands free. Put essentials in here like a small sunblock, money, keys, phone, lipbalm and whatever else you need close to you. A sling bag is also a good alternative.

Sunglasses: You’ll regret it when you don’t have them, plus they can fit into your moobag when you’re done.

A hat: Wide brimmed or peak, make sure you get enough shade from the sun.

A scarf: I used a light chiffon one to drape over my shoulders when it was hot to prevent me from getting burnt and even dipped it into water to keep me constantly cool. It can also double up as a headscarf.

Comfy shoes: Sneakers and flip flops are probably the most comfortable but low heeled boots and platform sneakers provide a cool alternative that are still fairly comfortable on uneven surfaces. I took a pair for day and night.

Amongst other things, a warm windbreaker and headtorch are handy for when the sun dips. Carry a water bottle around and keep filling it up to avoid dehydration and don’t forget the sunblock kids.

Happy partying!

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