Middle Eastern Magic :: Chanel Cruise Collection 2014/15

A show that I’ve found truly inspirational is Chanel’s decadent 2014/15 Cruise collection. In the tomorrowland of Dubai, built up from scratch on a remote manmade island, models walked through a lounge of lattice work and towering artificial palmtrees, with princesses and sheikhs among the audience on low lying couches. Overall it was an ethereal show, from the beautiful fabrics, stunning location, glittering accessories and detailing. The double interlocking C Chanel logos revealed themselves in the lattice work of the location and popped up again in the vintage jewel hair pieces and accessories. Lagerfeld is truly a master when it comes to attention to detail. There was something transcendental about the way that a vintage 70s bohemian quality was perfectly balanced by luxurious middle eastern touches of accessories and gold leaf. Lagerfeld’s thoughts? “This is my idea of a romantic, modern Orient, a new One Thousand and One Nights.” Watch the behind the scenes video showing beautiful details such as the application of gold leaf to the models’ eyes, the shimmering sea of accessories and guests including Tilda Swinton and Dakota Fanning being ferried to the island on boats. A magic carpet ride of opulence.

chanel-cruise-2014-15-backstage-06chanel2014-15_CRUISE_DUBAI-DECOR_PICTURES_BY_OLIVIER_SAILLANT-005 271 article-2627655-1DD0418C00000578-59_634x502 (1)chanel-cruise-2014-15-backstage-022014-15_CRUISE_DUBAI-FINAL_PICTURES_BY_OLIVIER_SAILLANT-001




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