Mix ‘n Clash


A few years back I was invited to Saatchi and Saatchi after-work drinks by my best friend who worked there. I was greeted with “Oh you knew there was a theme!” to which I answered “A theme?”. It turned out there was an 80s theme that day and  I had coincidentally rocked up wearing high waisted jeans with a loud shoulder padded granny shirt tucked into the waist, which was pretty standard dress code for me about four years back. Since then, clocking into my thirties, I’ve tried to tone it down a bit for reasons of … what do they call it? Practicality. I enjoy wearing printed spandex when I climb and try to clash a few types of neon on the sports front from time to time, but I’ve tried to avoid scaring away potential freelance customers by dressing like Milli Vanilli when I go to a client meet and greet. I’ve recently naturally gravitated towards a palate of mostly black with a bit of coordinated print, some Aztec and denim. And then the other night I was at the Truth vintage market and my friend picked out a very printed 80s bomber that was very me. I tried it on and loved it, but was sceptical as I thought maybe I had wine goggles on with a bit of buyers hysteria. I asked him “Do you think it’s too loud?’ to which he answered “Of course. But then so are you.” So I bought it.

Point of story? Embrace it. When Vivienne Westwood clashes everything under the sun and then adds some tartan we love her for it. When Henry Holland covers models with statement prints that go on for years we can’t get enough. So why do we doubt ourselves doing it but then leave it up to the pros to do it for us? Fortune favours the bold. I’m not saying go to a job interview dressed like Ziggy Stardust but once in a while it is fun to go out and bust out irrespective of age. Some of us live in Cape Town after all so ham it up. Over and out.

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