A/W ’14 :: Tartan Revolution

Strongly related to the punk revolution, but being born from opposing British heritage, Tartan intrigues us with it’s sub-cultural and unisex versatility. In the late 70s  tartan made waves in the punk scene as an anti-establishment symbol, motivated by Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols to directly rebel against it’s prior use as a symbol of the British aristocracy and authority.Vivienne Westwood took this Scottish heritage pattern and gave it a punk make over, popping it into unexpected colourways and giving it a new design twist and connotation of anti-establishment.  Many designers still use it in updated preppy heritage designs, but with it’s underlying rebellious nature lingering just below the surface, it has intrigued us as a seasonal favourite through and through.

Styling tips:

  • Tie a tartan shirt around your waist with a punk tee, skinny jeans and Docs.
  • Faded vintage store tartan oversized shirts are a perfect retro unisex item. Pair with skinny jeans, leggings or ripped tights.
  • Accessorize slick black or vintage denim ensembles with tartan stockings, or a tartan print bag, scarf or sunglasses.
  • Mix different sizes and colourways of complimentary tartan together for a bold print clash.



German punk wearing a tartan patch, 1984 (link)


Stylish tartan, Vivienne Westwood F/W  ’14 Collection Tartan-Mens-Looks-in-Topman-Winter-2013-Campaign-1

Topman winter ’13 collection

Rihanna for River Island '13

River Island A/W ’13 campaign


Chanel A/W ’13 campaign


Naomi Campbell in multicoloured tartan for Vivenne Westwood, 1993.

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