Trend ’14 :: The Great Graf

From graffiti to graphics, the fashion and art world are full of colourful collaborations in 2014. FromĀ HenceĀ grafitti art inspiration on Patternbank to Seoul streetwear designer Kathleen Kye’s sizzling streetwear designs, exciting graf tags and spraypaint textures are back on the map whilst putting a street style twist on statement slogans. For the pop art lovers,Continue reading “Trend ’14 :: The Great Graf”

Trendy Eatery :: Meraki

Whilst shooting in Stellenbosch I was really impressed by what I saw in terms of unique and creative restaurants offering delicious and healthy food. I don’t want to compare it to town, but a few places had a kind of Kloof Street trendiness to them, whilst maintaining a unique and unpretentious feeling at the sameContinue reading “Trendy Eatery :: Meraki”

Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014 :: “Techno-Couture”

With Alexander Wang as ringleader, the Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014 show really appeals to the senses. This is what design and forward thinking fashion are about, starting January 2014 off at an exciting and progressive pace. A fusion of sporty details, crisp tailoring and futuristic silhouettes result in unlikely combos that add a welcomed twist toContinue reading “Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014 :: “Techno-Couture””

2014 :: The Futurist

So this is the furthest point we’ve been in time. And in design. There is a type of precision and perfection to futuristic minimalism. Whether it be the angular precision of shapes, the metamorphosis of texture and form, the hybrid meeting point of fashion and design or the magic of new materials and metallics, technologicalContinue reading “2014 :: The Futurist”

2014 :: Be Your Own Inspiration

Cape Town shines this time of year. All the beaching, swimming, outdoor parties and outdoor activities make me question my ability to return to normality. For the first time in a long time I feel relaxed. Super chilled. Content. I’ve found a big part of this could be related to spending more time outdoors andContinue reading “2014 :: Be Your Own Inspiration”