Trend ’14 :: The Great Graf

From graffiti to graphics, the fashion and art world are full of colourful collaborations in 2014. From Hence grafitti art inspiration on Patternbank to Seoul streetwear designer Kathleen Kye’s sizzling streetwear designs, exciting graf tags and spraypaint textures are back on the map whilst putting a street style twist on statement slogans. For the pop art lovers, Prada focuses on pop art paneling and stencilled faces while Celine brings back the classic brushstroke print. Exciting, current and cutting edge; take high street to the next level.


Clockwise: Designer Kathleen Kye, KYE SS’14 by Kathleen Kye, Celine SS’14, Moschino FW’13, graffiti by Hence, Prada SS’14.

Trendy Eatery :: Meraki

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Whilst shooting in Stellenbosch I was really impressed by what I saw in terms of unique and creative restaurants offering delicious and healthy food. I don’t want to compare it to town, but a few places had a kind of Kloof Street trendiness to them, whilst maintaining a unique and unpretentious feeling at the same time.

Maraki was one eatery that tops my list. From the outside it pulls you in with its clean cut lines and minimal quirk. From paint dipped chair backs and table legs to a large custom made trestle shelf displaying the treats of the day, wine and preserves, this eatery is effortlessly on trend. The the fridges are stocked with the latest selection of craft beers while the pristine white tiled wall and gold leaf branding are just a few signs of attention to detail that display an attitude of quality.

On the menu, owner Corlandi has a selection of  tasty and well thought out breakfast and lunch delights. The fresh juices caught my attention and I grabbed a delicious Mrs Beetlemint (beetroot, apple and mint) that instantly rejuvenated me. The quinoa burger with sweet potato fries and aioli was possibly the best veggie burger I’ve had yet. The delicious combo of fresh, health and tasty food really made me feel uplifted after I ate it.

Her concept of minimalism paired with quality food and drink is proof of a winning combo. Her presence and personal input into Meraki is evidently what makes it a success, as the passion and inspiration has not been lost or handed down. Well priced, delicious and visually on the mark, this is one place worth driving out to visit.

Meraki :

42 Ryneveld St, Stellenbosch

021 887 7703

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Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014 :: “Techno-Couture”

With Alexander Wang as ringleader, the Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2014 show really appeals to the senses. This is what design and forward thinking fashion are about, starting January 2014 off at an exciting and progressive pace. A fusion of sporty details, crisp tailoring and futuristic silhouettes result in unlikely combos that add a welcomed twist to tradition. Pixilated prints, snowboarding inspiration, scuba inspired zips on coats, statement collars reminiscent of wetsuits and oversized cocoon shapes give way to his “techno couture” collection, not to mention the chunky Balenciaga trademark knit, woven out of unlikely fabrics.

If all of this wasn’t enough, the models were flanked with screen projections of themselves whilst towering over glass tiles with breathtaking forest foliage underneath. Techno-nature meets techno-couture. Inspiring stuff.

Balenciaga_004_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_001_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_018_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_013_1366.450x675 Balenciaga_003_1366.450x675

2014 :: The Futurist

So this is the furthest point we’ve been in time. And in design. There is a type of precision and perfection to futuristic minimalism. Whether it be the angular precision of shapes, the metamorphosis of texture and form, the hybrid meeting point of fashion and design or the magic of new materials and metallics, technological design is fast becoming an entity of it’s own. Pushing design to new limits is the alchemy of our time. May 2014 bring new design inspiration.  



Clockwise: Burberry Prorsum wedges, Linda Farrow X Prabal Gurung Metropolis glasses, Omelya Atelier black urban sweatshirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Lamat Dark Diamond bag.



2014 :: Be Your Own Inspiration


Cape Town shines this time of year. All the beaching, swimming, outdoor parties and outdoor activities make me question my ability to return to normality. For the first time in a long time I feel relaxed. Super chilled. Content. I’ve found a big part of this could be related to spending more time outdoors and being more spontaneous, trying new things and enjoying the spontaneous process. Sometimes the thought of being out on a hot day climbing a mountain or going for a run can be draining but when we actually get down to it it’s that one thing that we need. So my resolution for 2014? Do more things. Climb mountains, jump in the ocean, run free and let my hair down. It gets the endorphin’s firing. We can choose to incorporate these elements into our life. It just starts with a small amount of effort and the willpower to keep at it irrespective of the result.

So what does “do more things” mean to me? I decided it means picking up something that I left behind thirteen years ago. When I left school I literally threw my towel in. I was a provincial swimmer and waterpolo player and at the end of grade twelve I decided that I’d put sport on hold and discover other elements of life, the big life that was waiting for me. I focused on my creative side to counter balance my sporty side, which lead me to study fashion and take an interest in the arty world. The truth is when you’re passionate about something there’s always that voice in the back of your head calling you back. For thirteen years I haven’t really done any proper swimming as I know I’ll never be as good as I was, because I won’t be able to invest as much time and energy into it. The reality is that I just need to find a pool and swim. If I enjoy it then I’ll reintegrate it back into my life. If not then no love lost, at least I gave it a shot.

Epic moments are made up of those unscheduled events that happen in the places you choose to put yourself. The more places you put yourself, the more chance there is of something happening. We need to keep moving with the current but we can pick the flow. We can choose what we want to do in our spare time, and if we have minimal spare time then what we do in it is even more precious. So in 2014 my challenge is to be the best me that I can be. By pushing our limits bit by bit we stay inspired, and by staying inspired we inspire.