Focus On :: Kokon to Zai

The inspirational and mystical prints of Kokon to Zai (Japanese for east meets west) is possibly what we would expect if Mary Katrantzou turned more ethnic, streetwear and edgy. But it’s more than that. These beautiful prints have some cultural statement to them, ranging from tarot card prints and church inspired prints to tattoo and ethnic inspired prints. This Greek street label provides a true cultural mash up of where fashion is right now. I love the way these designs aren’t restricted to the catwalk. It feels like they’ve taken a magic carpet ride from the east to the depths of an Indonesian rain forest, over Eastern Europe and landed in a European fashion capital. A stylish ladies’ printed jumpsuit-looking outfit at a closer glance ends up being a hoodie with matching leggings. Nothing is what it seems. You can’t quite pin it down. This is the type of fashion I love. Check out their site.

HD01aAW13w HD01aAW13wSide HD06mAW13m




Check out their background story on

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