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I love the whole creative resurgence in Woodstock and Saltriver. I think some of the most creative local treasures are sitting tucked away there waiting to be dug out. Many know this but I’m sure there is also a sense of overwhelment when being faced with so much to search through.

The Woodstock Exchange has boutiqued a few designer stores and coffee shops together really nicely to help with this, including a design market held there on Saturdays. So my focus has been pulled to Chapel. Inspired by the bicycle culture, and on a quest to create a stylish bicycle backpack, Chapel was created in 2009. They are interactive in the bicycle scene, running cycle events every month in collaboration with Woodstock Cycles, but mainly keep busy by creating trendy backpacks, bags and leather goods that are locally sourced and manufactured. A unique Capetonian brand worth some attention, check out their website.

home-page-backpacks-01-1 home-page-backpacks-05

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