Trend: Jungle Fever

With the mashing of nature inspired prints reaching a crescendo point, the next step for summer is to swing it into the jungle. Adventurous animal prints meet birds of paradise in a colour palate that will make even the most tropical rain forest envious. As a streetwear translation the jungle trend leans towards representing an eclectic mashing of cultures, and adds colour and life into our everyday wardrobes. Kenzo has made this trend cool with their sneaker range for Vans and their Spring Summer ’13 look that was inspired by the new creative team visiting the jungles of Thailand. This was a venture to create their own take on Kenzo’s iconic Jungle Jap store in Paris that opened in the 70s. Paul and Joe’s bird knits and Maria Escote’s Sweet Cannibal range animate this trend, while the punchy butterfly prints and glossy textures of Escote’s Poison range are reminiscent of the beautiful butterflies, electric colours and toxic beauty of the deep jungle.


Images from left to right: Kenzo SS13, Maria Escote’ Sweet Cannibal range, Paul & Joe SS13, Kenzo backstage and Kenzo Vans sneakers (underlay image), Maria Escote’s Poison range (top right).

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