Focus On ::: Space Invaders

space invaders

So irony seems to be the deal of the day. If we look back at how The Jetsons or 2001: A Space Odyssey depicted a not so distant future, we laugh with the current knowledge that we’re not flying around in hovercrafts. Yet many a truth is said in jest, and if we knitpick at these concepts we may find that many technological developments are an offshoot of something we once thought was impossible, crazy and somewhat impractical. Offshoots of  retro sci-fi creations can be found in the world around us and were inspired by the first visions of sci-fi film writers and directors. 2001:A Space Odyssey featured voice command recognition in 1968 that only released onto the market in 2012. Touchscreens were featured in Star Trek decades before the release of the first touchscreen smartphone.

Back to fashion, I love Jeremy Scott’s recent Spring Summer 14 range. His space invader repeat prints and assertive critical statement prints donned a type of Mars Attacks! tone. I believe the commentary behind the sarcasm is more than relevant. Collage artist Le Corbus brings similar concepts and critical narrative to the forefront with his retro futuristic propaganda prints. If we watch fashion and pop culture we may get an idea of what’s around the corner. Today’s ideas influence tomorrow’s creations.

Images (left to right): Jeremy Scott’s space invader print outfits, Le Corbus art, Jeremy Scott SS14 collection. Below: Jeremy Scott behind the scenes.

For more film influence on technology check out this link.



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