Trend: The Minimalist


Minimalism is the trend of our time. Sure, we’ve seen overly eclectic trends come and go, but I can boldly say they serve as a buffer, a buffer for the inevitable. The great thing about minimalism is that it never quite reaches it’s maximum point. It’s nearly like a gauge serving as a point of reference to other trends. It’s the streamlining of the eclectic. Pick out what’s necessary and lose the the rest. It can be seen creeping into the cut and controlled colour palate of many trends, influencing high quality fabrication technology, a controlled colour palate and cut.

So what gives Minimalism the edge? It focuses on the primary elements that make fashion genius. The technology that comes with the trend introduces us to new fabrics that are laser cut, have enhanced texture or mould like a second skin. These fabrics influence cut and have a transcendental influence. They transport us into the future, or at least the future we wish to imagine. Chances are minimalism will improve on itself so that in another 20 years our current trends will look to us then like the 90s looks to us now.

Many types of architecture, lifestyle choices and philosophies have gone minimal. And so has our clothing. For the meantime it may be a higher fashion look but with an educated guess I can say it’ll be what we’re walking around in in the decades to come. It has the foresight to introduce us to the silhouettes of the future.

Images from left to right: Topshop Unique SS13, J JS Lee SS14, Lacoste SS14, J JS Lee SS14, Victoria Beckham SS14.

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