The Foodie: The Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project

Okay wait! Before you get afraid that there are too many healthy words in this title let me give you a few visuals to change your mind. I stumbled across the Wolf and Willow blog hosting The Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project cookbook by Nancy Alice Chalmers. It’s a downloadable eBook containing some of the most amazing looking recipes I’ve recently seen with beautiful food styling. Being a pescetarian myself, which means the only meat I eat is fish, I do enjoy the prospect of being able to eat delicious food that is guilt free. Even if you give it a bash two nights out of the week, it’s a healthy habit to incorporate into your lifestyle.  The e book includes over 50 recipes, almost all of them gluten free! The mouth watering variety of recipes includes roast vegetable pot pies with a smoked “cheese” sauce; red velvet and coconut cream brownies; pumpkin and pepita bread; potato, rosemary and blackberry pizza; red rice and quinoa shitake rolls and cacoa, berry and coconut crunch ice cream, all vegan and sugar free! You can purchase the recipe eBook online at . Enough talking. Check these recipes out for yourselves.


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