Trend: Botanical Magic



The most amazing designs exist in nature. No matter how hard we try to create our own man made trends we find ourselves being led back to the molecular structures that are part of our very own makeup. The structure of an ice crystal, the patterns and spikes of a luminous sea organism on the ocean floor, the hypnotizing energy of fire or the first electric blooms popping up on a burnt landscape; all of these elements are inspiring yet mysterious at the same time.  Botanical prints have become the meeting point between trying to scientifically depict natural elements around us and turning them into a work of art. I’ve noticed botanical prints decorating the walls of a few artisan coffee shops and restaurants, and this has spread to scatter cushions, wallpaper and high end fashion. I remember a talk by global trend forecaster, Li Edelkoort, at Design Indaba Cape Town a few years back. She highlighted that the best colours come from nature and are selected from the rain forests and amazing natural locations around the world. Researchers will find the brightest frog or the most luminous leaf and try and recreate that colour synthetically as part of a new seasonal Pantone chart.

I came across Clinton Friedman’s collection of botanical printed everything and I was like a kid in a  candy store. I mean the guy prints botanical images on umbrellas. Who does that? He takes mind blowing nature photography and prints them on cushions, wallpaper, umbrellas and wall prints. Check out more of his designs at .

Nature trends are probably some of the most wholesome trends we have. A walk in the forest, a surf or swim in the sea and a hike up the mountain are natural antidepressants. Don’t forget to step outdoors from time to time and experience it for yourself.

Moodboard from top left (clockwise): Stella McCartney botanical dress, botanical drawings, Emilio Flores DT Spain editorial, Clinton Friedman’s wallpaper and scatter cushion designs.

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2 thoughts on “Trend: Botanical Magic

  1. don’t even get me started on anything floral. i’m still trying to convince my husband to put floral scatter cushions in his ‘man cave’. nice, bold prints

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