5 of the best: quirky coffee cups

il_570xN.493865316_181g5d40b945662e2213642819c75680b42cil_570xN.420068410_h1xx v_548f77aba22ecc6b208ad4225bc0589e_133669-29-2 Revol-Cappuccino-Crumpled-Tumbler-in-Vanilla

A good cuppa can clear the blues away. Whether it’s a get-out-of-bed aid or a warm tummy hug you’re after, these are the receptacles that will make your favourite brands taste better.  Be eco friendly and use an edgy Storm Troopers travel mug each time you get a take away to save some paper. Keep your coffee warm under a bowler hat, be ironic with a ceramic “paper” cup or just oogle at some cool graphics.  Not just a pretty mug…

From top left: Storm Trooper travel mug| Etsy , Charlie Chaplin mug|Entrepo/Squidoo , moustache mug| Etsy , eyechart mug|Typo, Revol cappuccino tumbler|Entrepo







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